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From dazzling beaches and ancient temples to manicured tea plantations and cascading falls, Sri Lanka holidays has it all. Dubbed as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ owing to its resemblance of a tiny tear drop, Sri Lanka is also called ‘The Lost Paradise’ and ‘The Resplendent Land’ and is the 25th largest island in the world.

A tropical paradise located off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is a destination that has all the ingredients to make it an exotic and unique destination. Sri Lanka is universally praised for its picture perfect locations and intriguing attractions, Sri Lanka is a canvas of natural beauty, cultural attractions, vibrant festivals and friendly folk.

A holiday in Sri Lanka enthralls and enchants its visitors with its magical hold, leaving you yearning for more. Blessed with palm-fringed beaches, mighty temples, crumbling ruins and magnificent natural beauty, Sri Lanka never fails to impress.

Over the course of the centuries, Sri Lanka has become a melting pot of culture which has left its indelible mark on this fascinating island, making this island a multicultural wonder that is reflected in its customs, traditions, food and much more.

The lifestyle and culture of Sri Lanka.

Although Sri Lanka is a relatively small island, it is cramped with numerous attractions and boasts of a recorded history spanning more than 2500 years. The country’s unrecorded past, that is believed to date back to the beginning of time, is shrouded in myth and legends, adding to the allure of Sri Lanka. One important factor for tourist would be to know about Sri Lankan lifetyle and culture.

The rich history and diverse heritage is manifest in the intricate cave drawings, architecture, caves, palaces, monasteries and temples all of which pay homage to the age-old culture, faith, philosophy and legends that surround this magnificent island.

As a nation that is fiercely proud of its history and passionately dedicated to its culture, the lifestyle and heritage of Sri Lanka plays an important role and nowhere else is the history and culture of Sri Lanka more evident than in Kandy, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura.

Architectural masterpieces such as the gigantic Rock Fortress in Sigiriya is a prime highlight of Sri Lanka that will leave its visitors awe-struck.

The intricate rock carvings and magnificent wall paintings echo the history of the land, relating tales of prosperous kingdoms, brave patriots and mysterious events, enthralling visitors and taking them down the journey of Sri Lanka’s illustrious past.

Blessed with rich biodiversity, tourists to Sri Lanka can trek through mysterious rainforests, climb mountain peaks or sit back and watch the stunning sunset.

Sri Lanka may be a small island but within its compact space it packed a myriad of gems all of which are encased by a stretch of golden coastline and turquoise beaches.

The climate in Sri Lanka.

When knowing about Sri Lanka, knowing about the climate is important for vistiors due to its tropical climate. Sri Lanka also flaunts a glorious climate all throughout the year. From the mist-laden mountains of the Hill Country region to the beautiful beaches in the coastal ring, this island has indeed been blessed with the best by Mother Nature.

Beach aficionados can lounge back in the coastal regions while adventure enthusiasts can seek the astounding beauty of the rainforests or even embark on a safari tour to explore Sri Lanka’s wildlife in its natural habitat.

Sri Lanka has several national parks, wildlife reserves and elephant sanctuaries, promising to offer an up close and personal experience with nature. An incredible variety of wildlife thrives in Sri Lanka, including elephants, leopards, endemic birds, whales, dolphins and much more.

From reptiles that dwell in the rainforests and predators that prowl that landscapes to vibrant fish and underwater wonders, Sri Lanka is nothing short of a visual marvel that is a true feast to the eye.

Tourism in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is one of the most loved tourist destinations in Asia, if not the whole world.

The country’s economy depends heavily on tourism and with the abundance of culture, attractions, festivals and activities with every turn of the head and with the end of the three decade war that plagued the country, tourism is indeed a booming business in Sri Lanka.

Offering a galore of fun and excitement fused with a mesmerizing selection of rich cultural and historical attractions, a Sri Lanka holiday promises a holiday unlike any other as you rejuvenate your body, soul and mind and unravel the mysteries of this beautiful country.

Visit the heritage sites that showcase the ruins of the country’s glorious past, revel in the paradise beaches as you work on your tan, embark on a wildlife tour for a glimpse of nature at it very best or unleash your wild side with the exhilarating adventure activities that Sri Lanka offers.

Owing to the fact that Sri Lanka is steadily rising up the tourism radar as one of the best destinations in Asia, there are no shortages of accommodation options ranging from opulent boutique villas and private guest houses to budget resorts and luxurious hotels. Combine this with Sri Lanka’s tantalizing cuisine, awe-inspiring scenery, pulsating culture and stunning attractions and it’s no wonder that Sri Lanka continues to amaze its guests time and time again.

 What does the World say, about Sri Lanka.

Few places in the world can offer tourists with such a perfect fusion of culture, history, nature, and hospitality than Sri Lanka.

With eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 1,330 kilometers of coastline, 50,000 acres of verdant tea plantations, 350 waterfalls, 250 acres of botanical gardens and 15 national parks, Sri Lanka with its perfect climate, offers the complete holiday package that is perfect for family tours as well.

It’s impossible to not be intrigued by the extraordinary culture and traditions of Sri Lanka. This, coupled up with the glamorous festivals and tantalizing delicacies, offer a whole new perspective of life that is distinctly Sri Lankan.

A land like no other, the captivating beauty of Sri Lanka will leave you breathless and yearning for me. It is worth learning more about Sri Lanka

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