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Although a small island shaped like a drop of water, Sri Lanka is a prosperous landmass with awe-inspiring highlights. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka consists of mesmerising views which are genuinely worth encountering. The diversity of the country has created abundant places and holiday activities for voyages across the world. With various Sri Lanka tourist places to visit, the country is in the limelight during the past few decades and reaching the heights of the travel industry.
Indeed, a holiday maker’s heaven – Sri Lanka’s localities have something exceptional for any avid traveller. The country is home to 9 provinces that are unique and enrich with mind-boggling fascinations. On the central region of the country; travellers will sight rolling mountains covered in the mist, green tea paddies sprinkled with tea pluckers, in the coastal areas; find the sea mammals of the Ocean and long stretching infinite beaches, get to know the Dutch-influenced fortified buildings in the South, travel around the cultural triangle to explore the rich culture and history while hunting for wildlife at the wildlife reserves of Sri Lanka.
Indeed, the attractions make you wonder where to go in Sri Lanka? Whether you’re hiking a forest trail or whale watching, the local insight you’ll get from a guide will enrich your experience, as well as taking some of the trip planning off a plate. Imagine escaping in the beach, walking along the palm swaying seashores, listening to seagulls squawking, diving deep under the sea world, hiking mountains and spending a few nights at the bustling cities; only Sri Lanka could bring these pleasure to travellers. Discover the best places to visit in Sri Lanka by hopping into an unforgettable holiday experience.
With its endless miles of sun soaked sandy beaches and a treasure trove of stunning natural riches, Sri Lankan is one of Asia’s top rated destinations and a tropical paradise in the truest sense. Voted as one of the best holiday destinations in the world, this idyllic island has lured in travellers for hundreds of years with its dizzying array of attractions, cultural and ethnic diversity and colourful history enriched by centuries of foreign influence.
Excitement and intrigue abounds at every turn of the head. Whether you’re venturing into the mist shrouded and undulating hills of the hill country, exploring the mysterious and evocative ruins in the cultural triangle or revelling in the canopy of the resplendent rainforests, there are plenty of tourist attractions in Sri Lanka to satisfy any traveller. Apart from its charms, there is plentiful of things to do in Sri Lanka. Snorkelling, surfing, white water rafting activities will keep you speechless for a while.
It is not only a country but also a paradise on earth for merrymaking. There’s something for everyone in Sri Lanka, be it a honeymoon holiday, wedding tour or a family outing- no matter which part of the country you choose to visit, the island’s wonder, splendour, history, heritage and culture brings you a story you’ll never forget.




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