Colombo-Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s sprawling commercial capital, Colombo is a fascinating city that throbs with life and is rapidly emerging as one of the must-see destinations in South Asia. The capital city offers an absorbing microcosm of contemporary Sri Lanka and Colombo has become a worthy cosmopolitan destination in its own right. Although the legacies of the colonial Colombo’s roots are still visible in the city’s shadowy boulevards and temples, Colombo has flourished into being one of Sri Lanka’s best tourist destinations that has something to offer to everyone- from high-end retail stores and colorful bazaar shopping, fine dining and eating street food in a convivial café to visiting galleries and museums or enjoying the sunset in the seaside promenade.

Colombo is also the main port of Sri Lanka, making it the ideal spot from where tourists can kick off their Sri Lankan vacation. Nowhere else in Sri Lanka can you find such a colorful blend of culture and history intermingling with the cosmopolitan and laidback ambiance of this coastal city. Ancestral buildings stand adjacent to plush condominiums and bustling bazaars can be found side-to-side with shopping malls. With sprawling mansions, fine dining options, bustling malls and interesting spots to visit, Colombo is unlike any other city in Sri Lanka. One of the best tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, Colombo, with its cultural vibrancy and pulsating lifestyle beckons visitors to explore the gems within the walls of Sri Lanka’s busiest city.

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