Casuarina beachGetting its namesake from the rows of Casuarina trees that fringes the beach, this idyllic beach destination is undoubtedly the best one in the Jaffna peninsula. A hugely popular beach during the British colonization, the Casuarina Beach remains largely unspoilt, though it still brings in crowds of locals as well as tourists looking to enjoy the calm beach waters and the soft, sugar-white sands.

The rolling waves and waters of the beach are always calm and lagoon-like making it a favourite with family and kids looking to take a respite from the scorching Jaffna heat. This gorgeous, shallow, sandy beach was a very popular holiday destination prior to the decades of war and with the civil war now over, tourists are slowly starting to trickle in to enjoy the pristine quality of the beach, its enchanting shoreline and the effervescent spirit of the locals who frequent it. Its haunting beauty is still very much apparent, even after the years of war and relaxing weekend spend reveling on soft sands, watching the local kids play cricket or football and then taking a dip in the tranquil waters is an experience that is worth it all.

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