Lively beachside cafes and vivid souvenir shops together with a healthy measure of sun, surf and sand is what Hikkaduwa is all about. Sri Lanka’s most popular beach destination in the south coast, it’s hard to believe that this colorful beach town was only a simple fishing village in the past. The star attraction, however, is the reef and coral gardens that run parallel to the shore and only a few meters below the azure waters of Hikkaduwa and it can easily be explored by snorkeling or in a glass-bottomed boat for the less adventurous. There are several wrecks that make for an interesting diving expedition too.

Well known for its sunny side of life and the picture-perfect scene of sea, sun, sand and much fun, Hikkaduwa is famous for its abundance of water sport activities- be it sea-boat rides, scuba diving, snorkeling by the reef, surfing or sunbathing- the Hikkaduwa beach has long been receiving the thumbs up from countless happy visitors. Hikkaduwa is also undergoing something akin to a renaissance with its renowned Coral Gardens and beach, both gradually returning to its former glory after years of over-development and recapturing some of its sleepy, laidback charm. Things are predominantly lively during the annual Hikkaduwa Beach Fest, a three-day beach party during the months of July and August with visiting international DJs and throngs of locals and foreigners partying on the beach.

With its perfect weather all year around, bohemian-esque culture and sun kissed beaches, Hikkaduwa offers everything you would want from a beach destination.

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