Mirissa Beach

Folded snugly into a small bay on the South Coast, the scenic arc of sand that forms the Mirissa Beach is one of the Island’s most laid back picture-postcard perfect beach destinations. Flaunting a shoreline that is blanketed with a long line of towering coconut trees, the Mirissa beach is also one of Sri Lanka’s safest beaches; with the shoreline dipping gracefully and gradually into the ocean, there is no treacherous shelving, making it an ideal place to bring the kids in for some swimming.

With a bay at either end of the crescent-shaped beach, the main part of the Mirissa Beach boasts of powder-soft golden sands, and the sparkling ocean water caressing the shoreline. On the left side of the beach is a bay with very little sand, making it ideal for snorkeling. On the far side of the beach is a surfer’s bay with a pleasant Laguna for swimming. The location of the Mirissa Beach means that visitors can witness some of the most stunning tropical sunrises and sunsets in the island, everyday bringing about brand new breathtaking vistas of the sun, sea and sand.

The Mirissa Beach and its magnificent beauty transforms every dream and vision of a tropical paradise into an everyday reality. With such a gorgeous setting, all you have to do is slip into a hammock and rock gently in the sea breeze, listening to the soft sounds of the ocean waves breaking on the beach while sipping on a coconut and allowing the hours to calmly slim by.

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