Tangalle beach

Tucked deep into the southern coast of the island, the Tangalle beach is marked by rocky promontories and calm, secluded coves and it’s the picture- perfect tropical beach setting with gently swaying palm trees, expansive stretches of sun-kissed sands and brilliantly turquoise waters. Tangalle itself is an indication of the dividing line between the picturesque tropical coves that pepper the southwest coast and the long, wave-lashed beaches in the southeast corner of the island. The beach here is slighter more rougher than on the other coastal regions but the beach does have a smattering of sublime natural secured bays that lie between dramatic rocky headlands with calmer waters if you fancy a dip.

The Tangalle Beach remains relatively low-key compared to the rest of the beaches in the island but it certainly doesn’t lack in offering the ideal beach retreat experience. Certain spots along the coast of Tangalle offers water sports like diving and snorkeling but if you’re looking for some quiet time sunbathing on the warm, shimmering beach or relaxing by the sea shore, the Tangalle Beach fits the bill perfectly.

You will find spectacular beauty everywhere you look in this peaceful beach location- from the marvelous sunset views the beach offers to the stunningly deep blue waters, the Tangalle Beach is the perfect idyll to escape to for a few days.

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