Surrounded by the warm, azure waters of the Ocean, Sri Lanka enjoys a unique position on the Indian Ocean, with the shoreline lying extraordinarily close to the continental shelf in three main areas around the island – a characteristic that is seldom seen in other countries. Having such unbelievably deep water so close to shore allows larger marine mammals to thrive in a perfect habitat while still feeding off the nutrients that flow from the shore. The deep waters provides an excellent habitat for whales and dolphins and they parade their presence in the coasts of Sri Lanka from December to April, the island being the perfect vantage point from which you can observe as much as 26 different species of migrating whales and dolphins.

Situated within the International Whaling Committed Zone in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s easy access to the shore makes it one of the best places in the world that can be can be easily reached by boat to spot one of the largest mammals to roam the planet- the PYGMY Blue Whale – in concentrations not seen anywhere else in the world. You will also be treated to the sight of sperm whales- the deepest diving whales- feeding in groups, Bottlenose dolphins and Spinner Dolphins pirouetting gracefully in the waters of Mirissa, Trincomaleeand Kalipitya.

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