Sri Lanka’s lush tropical climate and the stunning vistas of the island’s Central Highlands combine to offer an adventure that is both breathless and highly exhilarating for those who crave for an adrenaline-filled experience in the paradise island. Sri Lanka’s magnificent spring-fed boulder rivers that thunder through lush jungles and spectacular river-side scenes provide the ideal setting for an action-packed adventure on the water.

The numerous exciting rapids with varying grades found in Sri Lanka are a great experience for first-timers and amateurs as well as experts who wish to tackle the turbulent waters of the many rivers that meander from the beautiful hill country of Sri Lanka. White water rafting in Sri Lanka doesn’t require swimming skills and whether it’s a half day or a full day excursion to enjoy the island’s many thrilling white water rapids, this fun-filled water sport activity is perfect for everyone with a thirst for a breathtaking and challenging experience.

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